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How to find students for teaching?

  • Oct 5, 2021

How to find students for teaching?

Now days teaching is a great profession as well in demand too because this is a profession which is very easier to start. For become a tutor you must have a knowledge of particular subject or topics.

You can even teach students about sports, health and particular topic like addition, subtraction etc.

Just gather some knowledge and find a student for teaching and wow you have started your business. Now you are in teaching profession, you become a tutor now. Its look like very simple but major problem is finding students for teaching.

How we can find students?

So major type of marketing for finding students in 2 way


1.      Offline marketing for finding students.


Suppose you’re targeting any specific city as a normal tutor I can say if we can capture 10mile radius for marketing then that is enough for tutor who just begins or started career in this field. So choose location and separate area. For example: in Mumbai target Goregaon or malad initially.  Now start marketing of your business offline by given method


a.       Ask for Reference by relatives and friends.

Contact your friends and relatives and just in conversation let them know that you are tutor and giving a quality knowledge to students.


b.      Advertise in local newspaper

Advertisement in newspaper is better and fast method for getting leads. Design a quality advertisement and visit newspaper agency and pay them for print your advertisement. It will help in getting lots of leads. Many local newspapers available which cost very low approx 100 inr for advertisement example yasobhumi , navbharat times and mid-day this newspaper are good for getting leads in India especially in Mumbai.


c.       Print posters and banners

Get designed A4 or a5 size banners and print it and paste on walls nearby crowded roads and street. Even you can print it on hording and paste it on crowded street or at popular locations where maximum people can see it once. For example on railway stations.



2.      Online marketing for getting students (digital marketing)


a.       Advertise on Facebook and Google (paid campaign)


It’s paid advertisement. So carefully choose location and keywords. Setup a campaign    with beautiful image and clear message about your business.


b.      SEO optimized website


Get developed website for your business and mention everything about your skill and knowledge and write all students testimonials. Then optimize your website for Google. So if any user open your website in any part of your targeted location then website can easily load and they can see all required information about you and your teaching skills. Website and SEO is very important tool for tutor because it can help you to find students from many locations in Mumbai or targeted city.


c.       List your profile and business on other platforms


You can list your profile in many popular websites who have directory for teachers. Like urbanpro , etc…


d.      E-mail campaign


Find emails of people who lives in your targeted city. Suppose your targeting Mumbai then search people’s email Id who lives in this location and send bulk mail to them about your business. It will help you to get leads. Do you have question how to find emails?? Even if I can find email then which software we can use for bulk mail sending? For more about bulk email sender click here.


e.      What’s app marketing


Same as email marketing you can find contact numbers of people from targeted location and bulk what’s app messaging using bulk sender. Do you have question how to find contact number?? Even if I can find contact number then which software we can use for bulk what’s app sending? For more about bulk what’s sender click here?



This all are just a method to find a leads. How you can convert those leads into a quality clients? or convince them to join your teaching classes as students?


For getting students you can also list your profile as individual on for register click here.