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How to start online teaching business?

  • Sep 14, 2021

How to start online teaching business?

Teaching business is one of the easiest business to start. If you wanted to be an online tutor and make money then here we have written complete process.

1.       You must have knowledge of any specific course or subject.

Before starting your teaching business. Improve your knowledge and skill. You must be expert on particular topic. Just keep in mind choose any specific topic or subject and make sure you must know everything related with that topic. It’s not necessary to have expertise in whole academic subjects.


2.       Improve teaching skill

I have seen many people / teachers having great knowledge of topic but they cannot explain it very well. Whenever teach students keep in mind or pretend that student do not know anything about that topic. And start everything from 0 and teach each point one by one and explain it by examples.

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3.       Design a course pattern and duration.

Now design a course pattern. Write everything in notepad and write down each topic step by step.  It will help you to explain students that what you will teach them. As well decide course duration too.


4.       Make video chapter wise for each topics.

Making videos on each topic will help you in save your time. As well it will help students to understand topics. They can watch videos many times.


5.       Get developed a website and upload on it with security access.

Get developed websites and upload all videos on it. As well you can give access of videos of 2-3 months so they can revise. You can lift access of videos because it’s on your website. Restrict access and never allow download feature. Website will also help in marketing you can easily let students choose what course they wants to choose from your website.


6.       Now search for students(marketing)

For marketing you can learn our article on another page in details.


You can find students by online and offline marketing strategy